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Company History

1985 - 1999: Driving digitization

Feb. 1985 Ricoh introduces the "RICOH COLOR 5000", the first analog color copier.
Mar. 1985 Ricoh awarded Ohkochi Memorial Production Prize for development of multi-product production system for plain-paper copiers.
May. 1985 Ricoh develops speech recognition and optical character recognition technology.
Oct. 1985 Ricoh opens Gotenba Plant, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Gotenba Plant, Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan
Apr. 1986 Ricoh Espana S.A. established.
Ricoh founds Ricoh Research and Development Center in Yokohama in commemoration of 50th year of operations.
May 1986 Ricoh France S.A. established.
Apr. 1987 Ricoh Corporation founded in the USA.
Ricoh Industrie France S.A. established.
Jun. 1987 Ricoh launches the "IMAGIO" series of digital intelligent systems.
Oct. 1987 The "OHP313R" awarded Good Design Grand Award.
Apr. 1988 Ricoh Microelectronics Co., Ltd. founded in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, for cutting-edge FA manufacturing of electronic circuit parts.
Apr. 1989 Ricoh launches the "RIFAX D7000", the world's first ISDN G4 digital facsimile machine.
Ricoh opens Yashiro Plant for manufacturing electronic devices in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
Sep. 1989 Ricoh signs a contract of the Worldwide Sponsorship in facsimile machine category for 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.
Jul. 1990 Construction of Ricoh Electronics, Inc. Georgia plant completed in the suburbs of Atlanta, the fourth of its kind in the USA.
Sep.1990 Ricoh Italia S.p.A. established.
Dec. 1990 Establishes the Environmental Measures Section
EEntegrates the functions of the Environmental Promotion Section and the Environmental Measures Section to establish the Corporate Environment Office in April, 1998 and the name was changed to the Corporate Environment Division in April, 2001.)
Jan. 1991 Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. (RAI) founded in China.
Mar. 1991 Dong Guan Tailien Optical Co., Ltd. opens in Shenzhen, China, to manufacture parts for compact cameras.
Apr. 1991 Ricoh California Research Center develops world's fastest color imaging compression algorithm.
Aug. 1991 Ricoh completed setting up the Ricoh's Olympic Fax Network to connect International Olympic Committee (IOC) to Olympic family.
Jul. 1992 Ricoh contributes toward the Olympic Games in the facsimile machine category (the Olympic Fax Network).
Feb. 1992 Ricoh General Principles on the Environment enacted to clarify Ricoh Group's position on environmental preservation.
May 1992 Ricoh Industrie France S.A. established as a thermal paper plant
Jun. 1992 Construction of OPC system completed at Ricoh's Numazu plant, Japan.
Sep.1992 Ricoh Unitechno Co., Ltd., Japan, becomes first subsidiary of the Ricoh Group to obtain ISO 9002 certification, followed by the Atsugi Plant and the Gotemba Plant.
Ricoh officially enters into the CD business.
Apr. 1993 Ricoh UK Products Ltd. (RPL) becomes first recipient of Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement.
Oct. 1993 Ricoh signs a contract with IOC as Olympic Fax Network supplier.
Shanghai Ricoh Facsimile Co., Ltd. founded in China.
RPG Ricoh Ltd. founded in Bombay, India (renamed Ricoh India Limited in 1998).
May 1994 Ricoh UK Products Ltd. (RPL) receives Highly Recommended prize from European Better Environment Awards for industry for its chlorofluocarbon-free recycling system.
Oct. 1994 Ricoh starts nationwide development of remote diagnostic service for copiers in Japan.
Mar. 1995 Ricoh wins top award from Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry for environmental activities, product assessment and recyclable design.
Ricoh Corporation acquires Savin Corporation.
May 1995 The "RICOH R1" awarded Camera Grand Prix '95 Special Prize in Japan. RICOH R1
Sep.1995 Ricoh acquires Gestetner Holdings PLC of United Kingdom(renamed NRG Group PLC in 2001).
Dec. 1995 Gotemba Plant,Japan, obtains ISO/DIS 14001 certification, international standard for environmental management.
Apr. 1996 Hiroshi Hamada appointed chairman; Masamitsu Sakurai appointed president.
Jun. 1996 Environmental Protection Agency of United States awards Ricoh Corporation with ENERGY STAR Award (for five consecutive years until 2000).
Jul. 1996 Ricoh inaugurates Aficio as unified global brand for Ricoh products.
Nov. 1996 Ricoh launches production of CD-RW discs. CD-RW discs
Dec. 1996 Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.
Feb. 1997 Ricoh establishes Ricoh Kanto Recycling Center to disassemble and separate recycled PPCs for energy reduction and recycling.
Mar. 1997 Ricoh Silicon Valley, Inc. founded in California. (renamed Ricoh Innovations, Inc. in 2000)
Oct. 1997 Mitsui-Ricoh CIS Ltd.,a joint venture company with Mitsui & Co.,Ltd., formed in Russia.
Ricoh Latin America, Inc. established in United States to manage sales in Central and South America.
Feb. 1998 "RIFAX BL110 Shataro2" facsimile machine awarded Japan Machinery Federation President's Award at 18th Energy Saving Excellent Awards.
Aug. 1998 Ricoh Asia Indutry (Shenzhen) becomes first Japanese-owned facsimile machine manufacturer to reach 1,000,000 unit production mark.
Dec. 1998 Ricoh awarded first place in second annual Environmental Management Survey by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan's top business daily (receives for three consecutive years until 2000).
Jan. 1999 Ricoh Technosystems Co., Ltd. formed by merge Ricoh Technonet Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Osaka) and Ricoh Information Systems Co., Ltd.
May 1999 Ricoh awarded Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize in eighth annual Global Environment Awards from Japan Industrial Journal.
Dec. 1999 Ricoh receives Japan Quality Award.