In our core Imaging and Solutions, Industrial Products, and Other business categories, we offer innovative approaches and solutions based on our values to accommodate advanced contemporary information requirements.

Imaging and Solutions

We have created a broad product lineup to enhance customer productivity, centering on digital multifunctional and standalone printers and other office imaging equipment. Complementing this hardware are software and consumables and customer solutions that include assistance for constructing information technology environments and managing networks, maintenance services, and user support.

Industrial Products

We manufacture and market thermal media, as well as optical equipment, semiconductors, electrical components, and measuring equipment.


We supply digital cameras while offering financial and logistics services through subsidiaries.

Solutions from Ricoh

Offering customer-focused solutions to overcome today’s challenges.

Diagram of Ricoh’s value creation and delivery
Illustration of revenue stream expansion

Ricoh helps customers enhance their office productivity and revolutionize their workflow with its imaging products and service solutions tailored to company-specific needs and challenges.

We start by defining and making sure we understand our customers’ challenges and goals, such as cost reduction, productivity improvement, enhancing information security and environmental impact reduction. We then propose a service solution optimized to address the identified issues. After implementing the solution, we operate and control the installed equipment ourselves through on-site maintenance, remote device management and other services. We also periodically check the data on equipment use and assess the effectiveness of the solution. Based on our analysis, we provide improvement advice on an ongoing basis.

What customers expect from office equipment providers is no longer limited to achieving an excellent output device environment. They also look to us to help solve issues directly relevant to business performance— for instance: how to optimize operational efficiency through the overall reduction of administrative workload and optimal human resource allocation, and how to globalize their business and/or organization. By being attentive and responsive to such changes in customer needs, Ricoh has been creating and delivering broader value by expanding our offerings to include solution services that solve our customers’ problems, including the establishment of centralized output device management, the implementation and operation of IT systems, and business process outsourcing services.

These advanced solutions make full use of Ricoh’s years of experience in developing its customer-focused business processes; the supporting infrastructure that makes such extended value delivery possible, i.e., the strong sales and support network which provides quality, one-stop solutions to global and local customers; as well as our extensive line-up of imaging products, from lowend to high-end.

Ricoh develops and maintains evolving partnerships with customers with its personalized offerings based on a deep understanding of our customers’ present and potential needs.

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