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A sustainable vision

Ricoh is committed to sustaining aggressive growth while preserving our environment.

Toward a sustainable society

Primary activities for stakeholders
Figure : Primary activities for stakeholders

Simultaneously building a better and more sustainable society and achieving business growth

Given the dramatically changing business environment, we firmly believe that corporations will not be able to achieve sustained growth and development without making serious efforts to solve various social issues. Ricoh aims to be part of the solutions to social issues and to help create a sustainable society. To this end, we strive to fulfill our mission of generating innovation and creating new value.

As we recognize that engagement across the entire value chain is the key to conducting effective initiatives, we work together with our suppliers, business partners, and other stakeholders to build a better and more sustainable society, while simultaneously achieving business growth.

We are more than convinced that a full understanding of the aforementioned principles and ideas by the more than 100,000 Ricoh Group employees worldwide coupled with their imagination will enable us to create innovative technologies and business models which will simultaneously contribute to economic, social, and environmental advancement.

Learn more about our Environmental Vision and Goals

Activity showcase
Education Support Program in India In its value-creating CSR activities that revolve around local communities, Ricoh provides its products, services and human resources for the purpose of contributing to the resolution of social problems in developing countries.
In 2011, Ricoh launched the Education Support Program in India, aiming to solve education problems facing rural areas of the country.
Figure : Education Support Program in India

Special site for the Education Support Program in India
Recycled copiers Ricoh has adopted resource conservation and recycling as one of the pillars of its environmental conservation activities, and has been working on the recycling of collected MFPs, printers, toner cartridges, and other parts. Since the release of its first recycled model in 1997, Ricoh has continually expanded its recycled copier lineup. As of December 2012, we offer 17 models from 9 series of color and monochrome recycled copiers.
Figure : Recycled copiers

For more details on our energy conservation and recycling efforts
Forest ecosystem conservation projectsAmong various ecosystems, Ricoh focuses particularly on forest ecosystems with rich biodiversity. We started forest ecosystem conservation projects in fiscal 1999 and now promote such projects in six countries and seven regions around the world (as of December 2012). In these projects, we work to develop a society where local residents can maintain harmonious relationships with the forests in which they live and depend upon.
Figure : Forest ecosystem conservation projects

For more details on our forest ecosystem conservation projects

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