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Our strengths

Ricoh is proud of its comprehensive capabilities that allow it to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our distinct strengths lie in our products and services that cover a wide range of areas, excellent production systems and our global sales and support network.

Closer to customers

Helping customers to solve management issues with our one-stop solutions

Figure : Expansion of Ricoh's business areas

Providing one-stop solutions for various management issues—that is what the Ricoh can deliver to its customers. In about 200 countries and regions worldwide, we provide advanced document-related solutions and equipment. Our operations have continuously expanded to include IT services and cloud-based communication devices and solutions.

Different customers have different problems. A global company may wish to reduce the cost of its document fleet by centrally managing output devices located all over the world. An SME customer may want to further computerize operations without increasing IT staff. To provide optimal solutions to each customer, Ricoh identifies and deeply understands the needs of each customer. In the course of this process, we often identify problems that customers themselves are unaware of. We offer a wide range of products and software and support customers in solving issues identified even after installation.

In addition, we also leverage our accumulated expertise and support customers in their efforts to improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact in their offices.

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