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Our strengths

Ricoh is proud of its comprehensive capabilities that allow it to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our distinct strengths lie in our products and services that cover a wide range of areas, excellent production systems and our global sales and support network.

Delivering excellence on time

Achieving "local production for local consumption" across four Ricoh regions.

Our global production system ensures that quality products and services catering to local customers' needs are delivered in a prompt and optimal manner.

Figure : Delivering excellence on time

Cart production line (resulting in reduced power consumption) In Ricoh plants, innovative production lines are in operation, which can easily accommodate changes in production volume and customer preference while reducing energy consumption.
Figure : Cart production line (resulting in reduced power consumption)
Kitting Product customization with selected options and initial settings is completed before the product is shipped. This service is popular among customers as less time is required to set up the equipment.
Figure : Kitting
Resource-recirculating eco packaging In 2001, we started to use resin-based packaging, that can be used repeatedly, as part of our resource saving efforts.
Figure : Resource-recirculating eco packaging
On-demand tonner filling We have developed a small toner filling machine that enables the production of various toner products in a smaller volume. As it can be installed anywhere, this compact machine enables a shorter lead time for toner production at locations that are closer to customers, and it has a small environmental impact.
Figure : On-demand tonner filling

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