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Our strengths

Ricoh is proud of its comprehensive capabilities that allow it to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our distinct strengths lie in our products and services that cover a wide range of areas, excellent production systems and our global sales and support network.

R&D for the future

Delivering innovation through imagination and ideas

Figure : Our latest color MFP featuring Color QSU Technology by Direct Heating System and Color PxP-EQ toner

As stated in our Mission Statement, at Ricoh, we are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living. Since our founding, we have developed and marketed many innovative products and accumulated significant technological expertise in a broad range of areas. With these assets, we continue to strive for technological innovation and product development as we seek to create and deliver unprecedented value.

As part of these efforts, we are working to simultaneously improve the user-friendliness, quality, and energy-efficiency of our MFPs. From early on, we started work to develop QSU (Quick Start-UP) technology, a technology that enables a device to quickly recover from its energy-saving sleep mode, thus avoiding the frustration of waiting before re-use.

Our latest color MFPs and laser printers feature our proprietary Color QSU technology, which uses the Direct Heating (DH) Fixing System and Color PxP-EQ* toner to simultaneously achieve excellent image quality and high energy efficiency.

For production printers, we have also developed Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology, which allows the simultaneous emission of 40 laser beams. By employing this technology in our production printers as the light source in the writing device, a supreme image quality of 1,200 dpi×4,800 dpi, as well as high productivity can be achieved. The development of this technology has revolutionized how production printing is performed.

These and many other technological breakthroughs are supported by our wide-ranging technological resources. Our main products, including copiers and MFPs, represent the accumulation of our technologies in electro photography, imaging, chemistry, optics, network, software, and a slew of other areas over many years. Combining such technological excellence built over the years with newly developed technologies, Ricoh will continue to create new value that has never been seen before and deliver it to the world.

  • *EQ represents “Eco & Quality”
Figure : Our latest color production printer featuring VCSEL as the light source

Global R&D facilities

In parallel to its global supply and services structure, Ricoh also deploys an R&D network globally, carrying out customer needs research, as well as pure and applied R&D. Concentrated in the US, India, China and Japan, we advance R&D and design taking into account local factors. Furthermore, we promote open innovation to accelerate R&D. The Ricoh Group established Technology Centers worldwide to support customers at each location and respond to the customer's voice quickly and reflect it into our product and solution development.

Technology page

Figure : Global R&D facilities

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