Renewal History

Renewal History -2012-

Nov.29, 2012
Added a Design Guide to DC/DC Converters.
Nov.20, 2012
New Product "RC5T7315" Multiple-PMU.
Nov.19, 2012
New Product "RP507K Series" 600mA Step-down DC/DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier.
Nov.16, 2012
New Product Catalog "Power Management IC Catalog"
Nov.8, 2012
New Product "R1511x Series" 300mA 36V Input Regulator.
Nov.2, 2012
New Product "R5550K Series" Pch Load Switch IC with Current Sense and Voltage Sense.
Oct.25, 2012
New Product "R1206N Series", "R1207N Series", "R1244N Series" and "R1293K Series" DC/DC Converter.
Oct.4, 2012
New Product "RD5T7319" Multiple-PMU.
Added Layout Guide; "RC5T583S", "RC5T616".
Sep.6, 2012
Added Layout Guide; "RC5T583", "RN5T614", "RN5T617", "RD5T531".
Aug.23, 2012
New Product "RP115x Series" Voltage Regulator.
Aug.20, 2012
Added the "RN5T566A Layout Guide" to Multiple-PMU.
Jul. 30, 2012
New Product "R5475N/R5478N Series" Li-ion/Polymer 1Cell Protector.
Jul. 12, 2012
Added "R5U220", "R5U232", "R5U242A" to PC Interface lineup.
Jul. 10, 2012
Website Relaunch "Multiple-PMU";
New Product "RC5T583", "RC5T583S", "RC5T616", "RN5T617", "RD5T531", "RD5T532", "RN5T566",
Updated "RN5T614".
Jul. 2, 2012
New Product "R3150N Series" 36V Input VD with Delay Function or SENSE pin.
Jun. 6, 2012
Updated Product Catalog "Selection guide 2012"
New Product "RP506K Series" 2A PWM/VFM Step-down DC/ DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier.
May 25, 2012
New QA Information.
Prediction data of failure rate (Power Management ICs ).
Prediction data of failure rate (Real-time clock ICs).
May 16, 2012
New Product "R1204x Series" Step-up DC/DC Converter with Shutdown Function.
Apr. 9, 2012
New Product "RP550K001A" 1A PWM/VFM Dual Step-down DC/DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier.
Apr. 6, 2012
New Product "R1286K Series" 2ch DCDC (Step Up DC/DC and Inverting DC/DC).
Jan. 12, 2012
New Product "RP202x Series" 200mA LDO Regulator.

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