DC/DC Converters for LCD/OLED/CCD

Step-up and Charge pump/ Amplifier

These products are suitable for the power management of LCD, OLED and CCD. Many variations are available such as step-up DC/DC controller, step-up and step-down dual output converter and step-up and positive / negative charge pump triple output converter.
These products include an under-voltage lockout circuit (UVLO), and a latch type protection circuit. The products with a built-in the sequence control circuit option are able to control a start-up sequence and a shutdown sequence.
The products highlighted in blue rows are major products that are shown in the "DC/DC Converters Lineup in order of Input Voltage and Function".
For technical terms on the list, please refer to "Application Note".
Product Name Control Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Range Voltage
Frequency Output Tr. Lx Current Limit*2 Soft Start Features, Remarks Package Data Sheet
R1290K PWM (Step-up)  2.0V to 5.5V Ext. adjustable ±1.5% Ext. adjustable
180kHz to
Internal 2A *
(Ext. adjustable)
The charge pump operates at 1/4th operating frequency.
QFN0404-24 Download
Charge pump (Positive) ±25mV
Charge pump (Negative) ±30mV
R1293K PWM (Step-up) 2.2V to 5.5V Ext. adjustable
up to 16.0V
±1.5mV Ext. adjustable
300kHz to
Internal 2A *
(Ext. adjustable)
DC/DC output with noise reduction function.
VCOM amplifier 1 channel,
GAMMA amplifier 6 channel.
QFN(PLP)0404-32 Download
LDO 1.8V to 2.5V ±1% Internal Iout=
Amplifier 5.0V to 16.0V - - - -
  • *1When the output voltage is adjusted by external resistors, the value means the feedback voltage accuracy.
  • *2Lx current limit is different from output current.


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