LDO Regulator Application Note

The Large Output Current Regulator

The CMOS type regulator is now released in the large output current environment where only bipolar type could previously operate. Since CMOS type voltage regulators require considerably lower supply current than the bipolar type, these are suitable for digital home appliances where energy saving is of importance. Ricoh's large output current regulators have a built in thermal shutdown circuit, to ensure safety for the circuit design.

Products for 1A output current
Product for 1.5A output current
Product for 2A output current
Product for 3A output current


You can download application notes in PDF format.

  • Voltage Regulator
    (11 pages/823KB)
  • Microcontroller Supervisory ICs
    (7 pages/579KB)
  • DC/DC Converter
    (7 pages/525KB)

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