This IC is the power management unit (PMU) for Processor. It integrates one step-down DCDC controller, three high-efficiency step-down DCDC converters, ten linear regulators, RTC, ADC, GPIO, interrupt controller, power on/off control, thermal shutdown, reset controller, I2C-Bus interface and etc.

Data Sheet Layout Guide Package Info.
RC5T583 (2.12MB)
Rev.1.0 (Jun.8,2012)
RC5T583 (1.01MB)
Ver.1.0 (Aug.31,2012)
  • System
  • Flexible power-on/off sequence by eFuse (Note*)
  • Flexible DCDCx and LDOx default-on/off control by eFuse
  • Possible DCDC1 and other LDOs on/off by PWRREQ1 pin after power-on
  • Possible DCDC0 on/off by PWRREQ2 pin after power-on
  • Power-on/off history registers
  • Watchdog timer (1s -127s selectable)
  • Pre-overheat interrupt function
  • System voltage detecting function
  • Backup voltage detecting function
  • Outputs power-on signal for external devices
  • I2C-Bus interface @3.4MHz (Input voltage range: 1.7V-3.4V)
  • Note*: eFuse: One time programmable fuse at product or sample shipment.
  • High Efficiency Step-down DC/DC Converters
  • DCDC0: 1.0V (0.70V to 1.5V/12.5mV steps) @11A(Note*)with RAMP control
  • DCDC1: 1.2V (0.75V to 1.5V/12.5mV steps) @3000mA with RAMP control
  • DCDC2: 1.8V (0.9V to 2.4V/12.5mV steps) @1200mA with RAMP control
  • DCDC3: 1.5V (0.9V to 2.4V/12.5mV steps) @2000mA with RAMP control
  • Note*: Minimum current limit
  • 10 Linear Regulators
  • LDO0: 1.0V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @100mA
  • LDO1: 1.1V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @100mA
  • LDO2: 1.2V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @100mA
  • LDO3: 2.85V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @300mA
  • LDO4: 1.2V (0.75V to 1.5V / 12.5mV steps) @40mA
  • LDO5: 1.8V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @100mA
  • LDO6: 1.8V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @50mA
  • LDO7: 1.05V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @360mA
  • LDO8: 1.05V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @280mA
  • LDO9: 2.8V (0.9V to 3.4V / 25mV steps) @200mA
  • CLOCK Generator
  • 32.768kHz crystal oscillator (with time adjustment function)
  • Two 32.768kHz output pins (OUT32K pin and GP05 pin)
  • Internal oscillator circuit (32kHz)
  • Oscillator stop detection function
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Alarm function
  • Backup current 2.0μA (typ)
  • Coin charge regulator: 3.1V @10mA (For coin battery)
  • ADC
  • 12-bit resolution A/D converter
  • Six channels: VBAT, VIN3, VIN8 and three external pins.
  • Single/Auto conversion mode
  • Detect high/low thresholds which can be set
  • 8ch-GPIO
  • Supports debounce function for input signals
  • Supports interrupt function (level/edge) for input signals
  • Outputs power-on signal for external devices
  • Programmable CMOS or Nch open drain output by eFuse
  • GP05 can output 32.768 kHz clock by writing register.
  • GP06 and GP07 have maximum 15mA sink and maximum 4mA source for LED.
  • Interrupt Controller (INTC)
  • SYSTEM interrupt
  • DCDC block interrupt
  • RTC block interrupt
  • ADC block interrupt
  • GPIO block interrupt
  • Package
  • BGA 6mm* 8mm, 80 pins
  • Process
  • CMOS
  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet PC
  • MID
  • PND
  • GPS
  • HDMI Dongle

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